New Music: T-Pain – Black And Yellow x No Hands x Loving You No More x Make It Rain x Speakers Going Hammer [T-Mix]

Care for another few T-Mixes? T-Pain has begun taking over several instrumentals to spit his verses on! I’ll keep this post constant updated with any new T-Mixes to come! For now check the Mixes so far below!

DOWNLOAD: T-Pain – Speakers Going Hammer (T-Mix)

DOWNLOAD: T-Pain – Loving You No More (T-Mix)

DOWNLOAD: T-Pain – Make It Rain (T-Mix)

DOWNLOAD: T-Pain – Black And Yellow (T-Mix)

DOWNLOAD: T-Pain – No Hands (T-Mix)

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New Music: Wiz Khalifa – Black & Yellow [No Shouts]

Here’s the debut single by Wiz Khalifa entitled Black And Yellow since the dude got a hold on his new contract at Atlantic Records, so we definitely can expect his debut album coming soon enough. BTW it’s Stargate on the production details. There seems to be a few shouts on it, so expect a untagged version later on. I think this is a pretty dope cut though.

*Updated with the Shoutless version.

DOWNLOAD: Wiz Khalifa – Black & Yellow [Prod. By Stargate]

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