New Music: T-Pain – Black And Yellow x No Hands x Loving You No More x Make It Rain x Speakers Going Hammer [T-Mix]

Care for another few T-Mixes? T-Pain has begun taking over several instrumentals to spit his verses on! I’ll keep this post constant updated with any new T-Mixes to come! For now check the Mixes so far below!

DOWNLOAD: T-Pain – Speakers Going Hammer (T-Mix)

DOWNLOAD: T-Pain – Loving You No More (T-Mix)

DOWNLOAD: T-Pain – Make It Rain (T-Mix)

DOWNLOAD: T-Pain – Black And Yellow (T-Mix)

DOWNLOAD: T-Pain – No Hands (T-Mix)

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New Music: Diddy-Dirty Money – Loving You No More (Feat. Drake) [Mastered]

For a second I thought Diddy disappeared with his project all along, guess not as here serves the next single from their long delayed project Last Train To Paris set for release on September 20nd. At least Drake ain’t autotuning on this one unlike Diddy and his crew SMH #justsayin. This is also the final and mastered version.

DOWNLOAD: Diddy-Dirty Money – Loving You No More (Feat. Drake)

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