New Music: Mariah Carey – Migrate (Feat. T-Pain) (prod. by Danja)

Throwback record from Mariah Carey called "Migrate" featuring T-Pain which appeared on Mariah's album E=MC²released in 2008! Hit the jump for the full post! DOWNLOAD: Mariah Carey - Migrate (Feat. T-Pain) … Read More

Jeezy Brings Out Ice Cube @ L.A.

Here's some footage of Jeezy during the BP3 concert where he brought out the homie Ice Cube and performed Cube's hit from back in 93'"Check Yo Self". You better check yo self before you reck you know where to start! fid="530C427231D72137109F";ftype="stream";… Read More

New Music: Akon – Holla Holla (Feat. T-Pain)

Here's a track by Akon titled "Holla Holla" featuring T-Pain which can be found on Akon's album Freedom released in 2008. DOWNLOAD: Akon - Holla Holla (Feat. T-Pain) … Read More

R.I.P Eazy-E

Its been about 15 years since yesterday when we lost one of Gangsta Rap's biggest pioneers but as of today he still remains there for some of us. So I laid down some classic tracks by the man himself. Enjoy these. DOWNLOAD: Eazy-E - Real Muthaphuckkin G's DOWNLOAD: Eazy-E… Read More

New Music: Tay Dizm – Two And Two (Feat. T-Pain & Joe Clark)

Throwback record from Tay Dizm called "Two And Two" featuring T-Pain and Joe Clark which was released in 2009! DOWNLOAD: Tay Dizm - Two And Two (Feat. T-Pain & Joe Clark) … Read More

Notty Black x T-Pain – Freaky Song

Here goes the newest single by ex-Nappy Headz member aka T-Pain's brother Notty Black and of course the usual Teddy Pain hook, you might remember this joint which came a long time ago and finally sees the daylight. T-Pain got some new vocals on this one compared to that… Read More
T-Pain ft. Kanye West - Flight School

New Music: T-Pain – Flight School (Feat. Kanye West) [Unfinished Version]

Throwback record from 2009 by T-Pain titled "Flight School" on which he reunited with Kanye West. … Read More