VIDEO: When I Was 17 (Season 3) : T-Pain & Common

T-Pain wasn’t always living the lavish lifestyle he has now. The Auto-Tune pioneer opens up about his humble beginnings.

“When I was 17, I was living in and out of my ’81 Oldsmobile Cutlass,” T-Pain said on the episode. “It was pretty beat-up on the outside and the inside, and it had a horrible smell,” T-Pain’s wife, Amber, added.

T-Pain’s car put a roof over his head and provided a spot for romantic getaways. “I used to have sex in it a lot,” he offered up bluntly.

During one steamy session, T-Pain and his girlfriend at the time were interrupted by intruders trying to break into the car. “It just so happened we were getting dressed,” he recalled. “This guy tries to get into this car.”

Note: This episode features Common and T-Pain’s parts mixed through the whole episode.

T-Pain wasn’t worried; his car was filled with tools he could use to fight back.

“I got crazy amount of just things in my car,” he said. “There’s some pipes, there’s a wrench. So I’m trying to pull my pants up and chuck this dude at the same time.” <- LOL The intruder eventually walked away.T-Pain’s girlfriend at the time was frantic and asked him a very ridiculous question. “My girlfriend was screaming. The stupidest question she asked me of that night was, ‘Did you know that guy?’ And I’m like, ‘What? Why would I know this dude?’ ” T-Pain laughed.

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VIDEO: T-Pain’s Fourth Album RevolveR To Be Released On December 6th?

There is no doubt about T-Pain’s grind lately as we all can witness those footages popping up all day from the F.A.M.E. Tour. Not to mention Pizzle’s lead single “5 O’clock” featuring Wiz Khalifa & Lily Allen is definitely making it’s way on the iTunes and Billboard charts.

To the point, we’d all know the album RevolveЯ has been on in the works for the few past years. Thanks to my fellow TPainaiac on Facebook I managed to got a hold on this interesting footage of T-Pain during this tour where he’d actually let loose some of the current state of the album. Possible features on the album as of now are (which some of you knew already) of now are Pitbull, Ke$ha, Chris Brown, Wiz Khalifa, Lily Allen & Pharrell.

Now the most important thing of all Teddy mentioned in this video was that the album RevolveЯ will be due out on December 6th. Peep the 1:20 mark. Now let’s hope this is official! Also stay tuned for a whole bunch of Teddy Pain video’s!

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