New Music: Tech N9ne – So Dope / Thizzles (Feat. Danny Brown)

Check out two brand new snippets from Tech N9ne’s upcoming album Something Else which is due June 25th!

The first one’s titled “So Dope” and the second track’s named “Thizzles” produced by Young Fyre.

Tech N9ne – So Dope (Snippet)

Tech N9ne – Thizzles (Feat. Danny Brown) [prod. by Young Fyre] (Snippet)


  1. Wanna Sit Beside a sick and seductive sinner see
    somethin so sinista sick sickle cell like a centipede
    Slitherin she searchin for syngergy suckin my sea
    Shakratease thick as sippin hennesy, shittin!

    On the hiss and ill spit chu outta comission
    Position the bitch and dip when i mention,
    slippin submission.
    All of this is the quicken the cops are late and then kissin
    my operation is rippin to the bottom shakin & strippin.
    I wanna bust cop puttin em in necropolis
    given us raw till the get broads an’ they givin thier bras to us
    With the gift I break up a couple dose monogamous
    stop with the props and take off yer effin drawers bitch &
    Rock Wit Us
    Been giddy cuz them titties are on my chin chiddy chin
    did he pretend he was again kitty.
    Suckin da creme de la creme and the skin pretty dim litty
    Then hittin the trim in Sin City

    Let it in, im the medicine get her wetter than ever been
    never better than a vetran, level that in the bed again
    rocking red i been in my letterman, bright as eddison
    Like i said, i sin. Heada whatever and im fetishin
    Open up you hoes, you know wassup
    i told you when i bust her clothes
    they wanna just go right off her butt fo sho
    they wanna cut, explode ya my low
    cuz the flow is SO DOPE they wanna…

    I listened to it and got this…
    Let me know if it needs some work.

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