POLL: What Is Your Favorite T-Pain Hook/Feature Of The Year?

It’s been a quite different and perhaps difficult year for T-Pain after remaining his spot back on the scene from his 10′ break. Even though this did not affect the “King Of Autotune” yet he remained relevant by appearing on numerous other artists songs, released goodies like The T-Pain Effect and I Am T-Pain Mic and his 30-track featured mixtape prEVOLVEr.

By continuesly providing these hook duties for other’s Teddy realized he had to slow down on this part in order to focus on his own music for the longawaited album rEVOLVEr which suffered many delays and was in the works for over 2 years. Now that he finally has released his brand new album rEVOLVEr on December 6th he proved once again the haters wrong and blew the critics away!

2012 is near the corner and Pain’s presence in the music industry is stronger than ever and definitely expect many more stuff to come from T-Pizzle and the Nappy Boy team in 2k12! It’s a #WIN movement out there!

Now I’ll quit the chitchat and you peeps get voting and commenting after the jump and let me know which feature/hook you enjoyed the most this year! Mines was “How To Hate” because I really liked how the harmonies and Pain’s verses did go along together!

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