New Music: Jennifer Lopez – I’m Into You (Feat. Lil Wayne)

Here’s the next single by Jennifer Lopez on which she collaborated with Lil Wayne off Jennifer’s forthcoming album Love? hopefully out due later this year!

*Update* Added the official single artwork!

DOWNLOAD: Jennifer Lopez – I’m Into You (Feat. Lil Wayne)


  1. Sounds like a song Rihanna rejected so JLo decided to use it instead.
    Nananana lol
    Once this song fails, she’s going to say it was just for fun and it won’t be in her new ablum, like her failed songs Louboutins and Fresh out the oven.

  2. It seems pretty obvious Jlo ain’t Jlo no more! Everything is so poppish nowadays which ain’t bad actually but from some certain artists you just have higher expectations oh well lol..

  3. @SMH……um what planet have you been on for the last few months boo boo? Nothing seems to be “FAILING” about her career nowadays hun…google much?? It sure is funny how you took the time to COMMENT on not ONE, but TWO posts about this song LMAO. Nuff said. Koodles! 😉

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