First Anniversary – Adwiin-Music Exists For 1 Year!

Dear visitors of Adwiin-Music,

I am delighted to announce you all that has been around exactly one year (officially March 24th) as of last week!

Many thank to all my visitors, friends, affiliates and some of the artists out there for spreading the word and supporting and giving me that exposure.  Appreciate you all! It also really pleases me to see how some of you come back regularly and post something up in the C-Box. I definitely will continue posting and feed you all with all the latest and hottest urban music! I ain’t going nowhere right now. HA!

Anyways, I’m not gonna sit here and pretend like I am one of the biggest bloggers out there (yet, joking lol!), but I definitely look up to them so I salute you all! But to be honest I am really happy at what I have reached at this point in one year coming from a small town all the way from The Netherlands and hopefully Adwiin-Music will gain more exposure within the upcoming years!

In related news I have been working on a complete new design for Adwiin-Music as you will notice the site will undergo some re-designing during this week. You can expect some more new features to take place on the site anytime soon and there’s possible a forum coming soon along as well! Stay tuned!

Suggestions are also welcome so feel free to do so in the comment area or either the C-Box!

Thanks for reading,



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