72 thoughts on “Video: Cypress Hill x Rise Up (Feat. Tom Morello)”

  1. I just hate it when people don’t read your post and then start talking smack about you. I mean, I don’t care if you point out my flaws, just be informed when you do it. Oh and to make it worse, when they tell you that you post is garbage, they use atrocious spelling and grammar. I think this kind of commenting really discourages newcomers to the blogosphere. In fact, I heard about this girl (about 13) that killed herself shortly after derogatory comments were posted on her blog.

  2. I don’t understand why some people comment without actually reading the blog, you have to know what it is actually talking about before commenting. And yeah I hate when people post a comment just to say they are the first comment…who cares?

  3. Strange this post is totaly unrelated to what I was searching google for, but it was listed on the first page. I guess your doing something right if Google likes you enough to put you on the first page of a non related search. 🙂

  4. It only goes to show where there’s will there’s a way. Keep on trying. – Here comes the orator with his flood of words and his drop of reason. – Benjamin Franklin 1706 – 1790

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