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Drake x Thank Me Later [Album Art]

Posted by: Adwiin on May 5 2010  |    136 Comments »

Here’s the official rumored official artwork for Drake’s upcoming debut studio album
Thank Me Later also be on the outlook for the music video for his latest
single Find Your Love to be released soon as well. Thank Me Later drops on June 15

This could of been better I presume, but hey who am I to decide lol.

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Drake x Find Your Love (Prod. By Kanye West)

Posted by: Adwiin on April 29 2010  |    4 Comments »

Here goes the second single by Drake featuring not only the production of Kanye West
but also vocals throughout the whole song. My expectations for this were obviously much higher.
Thank Me Later hit the stores on June 15. Enjoy this I guess.

DOWNLOAD: Drake – Find Your Love [Prod. By Kanye West]

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Video: Drake x Over

Posted by: Adwiin on April 12 2010  |    No Comments »

The official video for Drake’s “Over” from his upcoming album Thank Me Later due out in June. Expected
more from this video though looks kind of cheap lol. *sigh*

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Drake & Nicki Minaj Cover May’s XXL Magazine

Posted by: Adwiin on March 31 2010  |    47 Comments »

Another cover but this for the May edition of XXL Magazine featuring Drake and Nicki Minaj

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