VIDEO: Tech N9ne – Strangeulation Cypher

Posted by: Adwiin on May 9 2014  |    6 Comments »

Hit the jump for the visuals for the title Strange Music cypher track off Tech N9ne’s album Strangulation which is available now!

The song features the likes of Godemis, Stevie Stone, Murs, ¡MAYDAY, Kutt Calhoun, Ubiquitous, Prozak and Krizz Kaliko.

6 responses to “VIDEO: Tech N9ne – Strangeulation Cypher”

  1. mie a doua coperta mi se pare cea mai frumoasa.fiecare volum cuprinde 3 carti.initial au fost 9 volume in serie,dar acum au fost stranse cele 9 in 3 volume cu mai multe pagini.

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  5. Why there is no more "List view" in the New Tab page for most visited sites??Please, take the List view back! I don't like the mini-screen preview…

  6. They were much more layered and complicated and perfect in there. But, they also didn’t have fancy gold artist ink on them…or feathers…those were happy surprises. Oh, and I am not a designer. At all.

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