New Music: Ice Cube – I Am The West [Album Sampler]

Posted by: Adwiin on September 4 2010  |    52 Comments »

Ice Cube just released this free album sampler for his upcoming album I Am The West on his website, the album itself features 15 tracks along with several producers by the likes of Tha Bizness, Bangladesh, DJ Montay, JIGG, Hallway Productions and many more! I Am The West drops on September 28th! Peep the tracklist and production list below + the download link to the sampler.

1. Soul On Ice [Music by Tha Bizness]
2. Life In California featuring Jayo, & WC [Music by Sir Jinx]
3. She Couldn’t Make It On Her Own featuring OMG & Doughboy [Music by Bangladesh]
4. Urbanian [Music by Track Bully]
5. Y’all Know How I Am featuring OMG, Doughboy, WC, Maylay [Music by Willy Will]
6. Too West Coast featuring WC & Maylay [Music by Hallway Productions]
7. I Rep That West [Music by Jigg]
8. Drink The Kool-Aid [Music by Brandon Alexander]
9. No Country For Young Men [Music by Doughboy & Rocko]
10. It Is What It Is [Music by DJ Montay]
11. Hood Robbin’ [Music by T. Mix]
12. Your Money Or Your Life [Music by T. Mix]
13. Nothing Like L.A. [Music by The Fliptones]
14. All Day, Every Day [Music by Hallway Productions]
15. Fat Cat [music by Jigg]

DOWNLOAD: Ice Cube – I Am The West [Album Sampler]

52 responses to “New Music: Ice Cube – I Am The West [Album Sampler]”

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