New Music: Trey Songz – The Usual (Feat. Drake) [No Tags]

Posted by: Adwiin on September 2 2010  |    36 Comments »

Here’s yet another leak from Trey Songz’s upcoming album Passion Pain & Pleasure along with a verse from Drake, the album will hit the shelves on September 7th. BTW it’s the untagged version for ya pleasureeee. Hopefully a CDQ version will surface soon enough since this one sounds little LQ though.

DOWNLOAD: Trey Songz – The Usual (Feat. Drake)

36 responses to “New Music: Trey Songz – The Usual (Feat. Drake) [No Tags]”

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  33. Trey is on fire with his marvelous vocals on Can’t Be Friends! He sounds just like R. Kelly and it’s really convincing. I got his CD and I want to see him on his next tour!

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