New Music: One Chance – Get Off Me (Feat. T-Pain) x Shawna: Hide And Seek

Posted by: Adwiin on March 25 2010  |    89 Comments »

Here are two new tracks from One Chance entitled “Get Off Me” featuring T-Pain and “Hide And Seek” from Shawna featuring Once Chance & Sophia Fresh both taken off the “Nappy Boy: All Star Vol. 1” mixtape!

DOWNLOAD: One Chance – Get Off Me (Feat. T-Pain) [NODJ]

DOWNLOAD: Shawna – Hide And Seek (Feat. One Chance & Sophia Fresh) [NODJ]

89 responses to “New Music: One Chance – Get Off Me (Feat. T-Pain) x Shawna: Hide And Seek”

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